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Hubby Reaps the Benefits of Girls Night out

I wondered what she was thinking as I gave her oral
At first I wasn't happy about her going out with the girls after work on Friday while I stayed home with the kids but after she came home so horny it made it all worth while. She was diffidently tipsy and I guess I was a little jealous at first when she said she danced with a man at the club. But after she kept kissing me as she rubbed me through my pajamas I forgot all about being jealous. She pushed me onto the bed and then pulled off her skirt, she must have pulled off her panties at the same time for now she was naked from the waist down. She crawled up on top of me, just the way I like it but instead of sitting on my slong, she sat on my face. I thought it was to make her wet because when we make love most of the time she is not wet enough for me to go in, but not this time. She was so aroused her pussy her was dripping and it kinda turned me on to see her so excited, in fact she was so turned her juices didn't even taste like they normally do. She absolutely washed face with her wet pussy until she came with a scream. She then slid down my body and took my pecker in her hand, slipping it easily inside her.

"Oh my god honey, you're so wet and excited I can hardly feel you."

"Yes I know I can't feel you either, just hurry up and cum, I need to go to sleep."

We had such a wild night that the next morning I said she should go out with the girls more often. She told me that she had a feeling it would become a regular event.
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