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A Little Role Play to Add Excitement

Oh baby he made me so messy

As with most couples who've been together a long time, our sex life was becoming mundane. Roger suggested we try some role play in the bedroom and even admitted a fantasy of his that I would dominate him. Of course this didn't surprise me as I had always called the shots, so to speak, making all the important decisions, most without even asking his opinion.

I ordered him to undress and to get on the bed, then I did the same, putting his slender body between my massive thighs. When I told him I could hardly feel his puny dick he moaned with excitement, I said the only way he could ever satisfy me was with his tongue. This sent him over the top and he came, as his little pud shriveled up it slipped out of me. He began to apologize, promising to do better and more to shut him up than anything else I rose up and plopped my cum filled pussy right on his face.

He tried to turn his head but I was too fast for him and now my messy cunt was affixed to his mouth. I grabbed his head and rubbed my pussy all over his face, then I told him I was feeding him another man's cum and that he was now my cuckold. He became a wild man with desire and he lapped up his cum as a kitten to a saucer of milk.

Now when we make love I tell him of my secret lover named 'Steve' and all the dirty things we do together. The best part is, there really is a Steve and unbeknown to my husband we have been fucking for years. Sometimes I wonder if I should tell Roger the truth but then he loves his little fantasy and I love the real thing so why should I rock the boat.
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